Required Documents for admission



Required Documents for registration

  1. A recent, portrait colored photo

Important note: Hijab (headscarf) is mandatory for women


  1. Photocopy of the most higher education qualification certificate issued by official educational centers is required. Thus for joining associate and bachelor courses an intermediate degree (high school diploma) and for joining master courses a bachelor degree is required.

Important note 1: degrees recognized by ministry of education of the country of issuer are welcomed by MOU if approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Iran)

Important note 2: an official confirmation or certificate of completion of the issuer is required if the degree certificate is not available at the time of registration.

Important note 3: it is mandatory to submit the required documents, maximum up to the first half-year exams.


  1. Identity and residence documents

Photocopy of passport or valid identity document for non-Iranian;

Birth certificate, Passport, national Identity card for Iranian citizen who are living abroad is required.

Important Note: permanent residence document for the last 2 years is compulsory for Iranian citizen who are living abroad, otherwise according to the regulations of ministry of education of the Islamic Republic of Iran official certificate of Al-Mustafa International University will not be awarded to the graduates.


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