Modular Courses

This type of educational program has been designed and produced to include a variety of courses according to the practical needs and inclinations of the audiences at different levels worldwide and offered in various languages.

The main advantage of this type of program in compare to long term course lies in its short duration. The courses are offered both in modular and intensive.

Module is an educational package which consists of two or more courses that are planned and offered based on common learning and functional objectives, regarding their thematic and logical

In modular courses from 4 to 12 units can be taken. Primary enrollment is open for all applicants, but students will be admitted only if they meet all specific conditions required.

Classification of Modules

 General Modules: modules that don’t require prerequisites and enrolment is open for all applicants.

Advanced Modules: Modules that offered to sophisticated applicants of seminaries and University.

Certification is granted to students that successfully complete each of the modules.


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