Ceremonies and Occasions

 Holding online cultural and religious ceremony
The foremost priority of cultural programs is online cultural and religious ceremonies, regarding the importance of respecting to divine and religious rituals and due to human’s constant need for advice and exhortation, with a strong emphasis of scholars to revive the good traditions of moral teachings and making religious circles.
Online cultural circles and events are divided into two major types:
1.    Weekly moral teachings
2.    Occasional events

 Weekly Moral Teachings
Increasing immorality and depravity samples in cyber space and getting involved with the worldly affairs blight the human soul and to get rid of that blight to welcome the spiritual truths, one need to be notified and admonished. For this purpose, we try to hold moral teachings classes in various languages weekly. The university invites Outstanding and famous scholars for the classes.

Occasional Events
Contrary to public perceptions of dry and lifeless space of virtual education, different programs and variety of lectures would be planned and performed via ‘Adobe Connect app.’ on various occasions such as holydays and mourning ceremonies, inviting lecturers, professors and panegyrists.
A large number of students and other enthusiasts of religious issues would attend the programs.
Programs would be performed in various languages of classes.

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