Learn Persian language easily

If you would like to learn a language to know about the world heritage of 2500 year history, don’t miss this free video.

I’d like to register for this course and learn Persian to speak it like a native speaker of Persian language.

Why Persian Language?

It makes it possible for you to communicate with more than million people of the countries in the world, including, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc.
Persian language is not only a language but an identity and culture, and you can learn about this identity and culture by learning it.
Persian language is the second language of the Islamic world and one needs to learn it to be able to study the Islamic texts and religious resources.
Persian language is the language of poets, writers and great scholars like Hafiz, Mevlana, Sa’adi, Khayyam and so on. By learning Persian language you can easily read their works.

What makes it more exiting to learn Persian language in al-Mustafa Open University?

Lower price and shorter time;
Variety of classes in number and timing;
Possibility of joining the classes from everywhere and in anytime;
No limitation for participants’ age, gender and religion;
Using skillful teachers;
Applying modern language teaching methods;
Obtaining the 4 language skills
(listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Acquire all the necessary skills to speak in Persian by joining Persian language course in al-Mustafa Open University; skills like:

Reading: after the course you will be able to read Persian texts.

Writing: you will learn how to write in Persian, and you will be able to write to Persian speakers in Persian language and communicate with them.

Speaking: you will be able to speak in Persian like a fluent Persian speaker.

Listening: you will be able to understand Persian videos and audio files.

Other advantages for learning Persian language in al-Mustafa Open University:
Persian language Course:
This course in 3 levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced), containing 7 semesters, and graduates will receive a certificate of completion of the course from al-Mustafa Open University at the end of the course.
The table below explains Persian language course including tuition fee structure and discounts:


Is there a registration help center?

Applicants should contact the Registration Help Center via the following:

Email: Info@mou.ir

Tel: 00982532114125

Eita: 00989224034853