Applicant                                                                 Department of education of MOU

1        signing up from admission at the website

2        confirmation of signing up if the applicant’s qualification recognized

3        sending E-mail (containing username and password to enter the desktop)

4        receiving E-mail (containing username and password to enter the desktop)

5        unit selection and joining the course


Important notes:

  • Inter to the website of university via and see the courses, criteria for registration, required documents for admission, and the learning curve
  • Registration at university is online
  • Having completed all stages to the registration process the applicants need to provide and submit the required documents to finalize registration
  • Important Note: the University is not responsible for incomplete and inaccurate registrations.
  • Admission is open at any time.


Important Note: The application for those who apply after the beginning of the first academic year, in case of obtaining criteria for admission, is considered for forthcoming semester.

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