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Why Al-Mustafa Online University?

Learning in this university provides the benefit of using the newest methods of distance education, including the use of internet and mobile systems of interaction. In this way all the stages of registration, course selection, academic evaluation, training, research and cultural services are mechanized. The students benefit from rich, diverse and fascinating contents provided to them. Under the tautology of experienced teachers and professors they climb their way towards higher levels of virtues and excellence. This provides grounds for them to experience life with dignity and self-esteem under Islamic teachings.

Course Content: most of the courses offered by MOU has been developed by the leading professors in a way that is easily understandable, and in case it requires further explanation, in addition to classroom script, the audio and video files of class are also available at students’ panel.

Online sessions: Online sessions is being provided to give a brief explanation of courses and to give answer to the student’s questions. These sessions held    enables professors to present audio and video lectures, providing the Q & A sessions, sharing multimedia contents, discussion and training sessions for students

Assignment: to have a better understanding of contents given by professors or course manager to the students the assignment is uploaded on the assignment panel, requiring students to do them and send them back to the panel.

Research paper: based on the type of course and the preference made by professor or course manager, the students must send the report of their research paper according to the template given

Exams and academic evaluation

according to the schedule announced evaluation of courses are conducted In order to measure the academic achievements of students in accordance with the course level, using various methods including self-examination (end of each course), mid-term and final exams (written or oral), Research activities, training and seminar.

Most exams are performed over the internet and some exams are done in person at Al-Mustafa online university or its branches.

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Introduce MOU to others

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