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The Messenger of Alláh - may Alláh bestow peace and benedictions upon him and his Progeny - said: "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things (thaqalayn) among you: the Book of God and my kindred (`itrah), my household (Ahl al¬Bayt), for indeed, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the Pond (of al¬Kawtharon the Judgement's Day)."
Koleini, Kitab al-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 294





Al-Mustafa international university implements Tooba International promotional cultural festival to introduce achievements and abilities of students and elites of Al-Mustafa International University in various fields of promotion, culture, art and media to enhance their international effects with Islamic and seminary approach.


The festival has been able during the next frame as varied as cultural associations and national as well as practical training, skill, art and propaganda with the support of cultural activities and media and advertising, field upgrade skills and artistic and missionary scholars Sir provide

During the festival practical, artistic and promotional trainings have been provided to support the achievements of students and elites of Al-Mustafa International University in form of cultural and national associations.




  1. Enhancing the quality of promotional, cultural, artistic and media activities of students
  2. Supporting the development and dissemination of promotional, cultural, artistic and media activities of students
  3. Identifying capacities and talents of students in the fields of promotion, culture, art and media
  4. Introducing and appreciating the top talented of students and elites of Al-Mustafa International university who are expert in promotional, cultural, artistic and media affairs
  5. Providing the situation for students to have interaction, cooperation, integration and synergy to create promotional networks and circles
  6. Providing the capacity for delivering messages of religion and spirituality to the world via works and productions in the fields of promotion, culture, art and media


Obtained Grades

The students of Al-Mustafa open university have been participating in the festival since 2014 and managed to obtain privileged grades in all three courses.


  Cultural Camps & Tours


Al-Mustafa international university designs and implements cultural camps & tours to enhance the students’ spiritual vitality, strengthen the sense of self-reliance, introduce the cultural heritage, pilgrimage to holy places, visit some natural attractions, and introduce educational environment to the students. This program also includes various and attractive educational courses.


Cultural camps & tours have been set up since 2013 to encourage and appreciate the outstanding and best students


 Holding online cultural and religious ceremony

The foremost priority of cultural programs is online cultural and religious ceremonies, regarding the importance of respecting to divine and religious rituals and due to human’s constant need for advice and exhortation, with a strong emphasis of scholars to revive the good traditions of moral teachings and making religious circles.
Online cultural circles and events are divided into two major types:
1.    Weekly moral teachings
2.    Occasional events

 Weekly Moral Teachings

Increasing immorality and depravity samples in cyber space and getting involved with the worldly affairs blight the human soul and to get rid of that blight to welcome the spiritual truths, one need to be notified and admonished. For this purpose, we try to hold moral teachings classes in various languages weekly. The university invites Outstanding and famous scholars for the classes.

Occasional Events

Contrary to public perceptions of dry and lifeless space of virtual education, different programs and variety of lectures would be planned and performed via ‘Adobe Connect app.’ on various occasions such as holydays and mourning ceremonies, inviting lecturers, professors and panegyrists.
A large number of students and other enthusiasts of religious issues would attend the programs.
Programs would be performed in various languages of classes.

Virtual city of Quran


Virtual city of Quran is a Quranic encyclopedia in the cyberspace with the aim of promoting Quranic teachings and creating, expanding and deepening the relation of auience with the Quran  

The Virtual City of Quran


The virtual city of Qur’an available at  is seeking to meet the needs of its all audiences to get familiar with the holy Qur’an. You will have the access to a full collection of teachings of holy Qur’an.

Taking advantage of latest technologies available in virtual space, the Virtual City of Quran provides comprehensive opportunities for every person who has an interest in gaining Islamic knowledge.


 The virtual city of Quran has been launched in 2011 to propagate Islamic studies. Its focus is on providing a various collection of Islamic studies. It addresses everyone who is interested in Quranic studies as well as students of Al-Mustafa Open University.
This website includes 3 following major parts as well as other parts pertaining to Quranic studies:
1.    Quranic school with the aim of holding educational courses including memorization, recitation, exegesis, interpretation, concepts and teachings of Quran
2.    Quranic Sciences with the aim of providing a broad and excellent Quranic encyclopedia that includes Quranic sciences, Quranic teachings, resources, Quranic news and so on.
3.    Techniques and skills and include topics such as Tajwid referee training, sound and Tone
Quranic Personalities as well as Forums are the most visited parts of virtual city of Quran.
It also includes other parts like Quran Media and etc.



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