Virtual city of Quran

Virtual city of Quran is a Quranic encyclopedia in the cyberspace with the aim of promoting Quranic teachings and creating, expanding and deepening the relation of auience with the Quran  

The Virtual City of Quran


The virtual city of Qur’an available at  is seeking to meet the needs of its all audiences to get familiar with the holy Qur’an. You will have the access to a full collection of teachings of holy Qur’an.

Taking advantage of latest technologies available in virtual space, the Virtual City of Quran provides comprehensive opportunities for every person who has an interest in gaining Islamic knowledge.


 The virtual city of Quran has been launched in 2011 to propagate Islamic studies. Its focus is on providing a various collection of Islamic studies. It addresses everyone who is interested in Quranic studies as well as students of Al-Mustafa Open University.
This website includes 3 following major parts as well as other parts pertaining to Quranic studies:
1.    Quranic school with the aim of holding educational courses including memorization, recitation, exegesis, interpretation, concepts and teachings of Quran
2.    Quranic Sciences with the aim of providing a broad and excellent Quranic encyclopedia that includes Quranic sciences, Quranic teachings, resources, Quranic news and so on.
3.    Techniques and skills and include topics such as Tajwid referee training, sound and Tone
Quranic Personalities as well as Forums are the most visited parts of virtual city of Quran.
It also includes other parts like Quran Media and etc.



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