Pelajaran-pelajaran Hauzah Ilmiah Qom dan Najaf Asyraf

One of the main demands on the audiences of Al-Mustafa (PBUH) is to provide an opportunity to its students to learn from the Shiite seminaries.

Jenjang pendidikan bahasa Persia

One of the very attractive and practical programs of the university is for those candidates who are interested in learning the ancient and rich Persian language.

Siaran langsung

Organizing sessions on Islamic moralities to promote Islamic teachings via cyberspace.

Konferensi dan Webinar

Holding national, regional and international conferences as well as organizing debate chairs are the strategies implemented by open university in the field of international affairs, with the objective of expanding and deepening scientific discussions, scientific discourse and interfaith dialogue .

Perwakilan dan Cabang-cabang

Perwakilan dan Cabang-cabang

Kebudayaan pendidikan

The Messenger of Alláh - may Alláh bestow peace and benedictions upon him and his Progeny - said: "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things (thaqalayn) among you: the Book of God and my kindred (`itrah), my household (Ahl al¬Bayt), for indeed, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the Pond (of al¬Kawtharon the Judgement's Day)."
Koleini, Kitab al-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 294


The department of research and content development intends to deal with research affairs and content development

Kota Virtual Alquran

Virtual city of Quran is a Quranic encyclopedia in the cyberspace with the aim of promoting Quranic teachings and creating, expanding and deepening the relation of auience with the Quran  


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